Girls Hostel:-

The women’s hostel boasts 30 well-appointed rooms, providing comfortable accommodation for 60 girl students. Beyond the cozy living spaces, the hostel offers additional amenities to enhance the students’ experience:

Mess Facility: The hostel features a dedicated mess area where students can enjoy nutritious meals together. It’s a hub for socializing and sharing culinary delights.

Entertainment Zone: To unwind after a day of studies, the hostel provides a television, allowing girl students to catch up on their favorite shows or even educational content.

Badminton Court: For those who enjoy physical activity, there’s a badminton court within the hostel premises. Where girl students can play and engage in healthy competition and stay active.


A college canteen is a vital facility within educational institutions. It serves as a place where students can grab a quick meal or snack during their busy college days. Beyond food, the canteen becomes an informal gathering spot, where students unwind, engage in conversations, and create lasting memories. The variety of dishes offered caters to different tastes, making the canteen an integral part of college life